Archivist's Records:

Type: Entities

Topic: New Husk Variant Observed

Variant Name: Snatchers (though some have taken to calling them "Squids")

Defining Characteristics:

  • Head is large, bulbous, featureless, and awkward.
  • Arms seem to lack normal bone structure and are far longer than would be considered "human".

Behavior: Seem to stand still until alerted. How they sense their environment is unknown, but I believe their "sight" is extremely limited. Further testing needed.

Recommended Approach: Further testing needed. Recommend avoiding this variant whenever possible until we know more.

Follow-up Report: Firearms proved effective, but this variant is far more durable than they first appeared.

Recommended Approach:

  • Avoid whenever possible; Engage only as last resort. Do not engage alone, recommend at least 3 people.
  • If confrontation is unavoidable, a rifle is recommended - distance is advised. If this becomes impossible, shotguns may prove effective, though getting this close is not advised.
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