Archivist's Log: (Y-9, D-153)

We lost the 2 of the 3 scouts we sent out for supplies yesterday.

Considering how low our remaining food and medicine supplies are, maybe their deaths are a blessing. We don't have the supplies to deal with more wounded now.

The surviving scout, Zephan, is worth mentioning. He was among one of the 3 people we picked up about a week ago. I believe my initial assessment of their worth might have been incorrect. I had thought they would be only be a burden, but it seems that he and his group are more than capable of pulling their own weight.

There is a look in Zephan's eyes that I find familiar; it reminds me of myself in a way.

I wonder how long he's been here.


  • Antibiotics
  • Food (preferably canned for ease of storage and transport)
  • Weapons and Ammunition of any kind

Member Status: (17: 3 deceased, 2 wounded, 12 stable)

  1. Issac Matthews: Wounded - Laceration spanning the length of left forearm (Likely to recover).
  2. Tania Flores: Stable
  3. Thomas Pierce: Stable
  4. Katherine James: Stable
  5. Jack Groves: Stable - (Threads seem to have stopped for now - Check again in 2 days)
  6. Brenda Ward: Deceased - Killed on the night of Y-9, D-152.
  7. Jamie Simmons: Stable
  8. Anthony Scott: Wounded - Multiple lacerations to face and torso (Unlikely to recover - 1 day of treatment left)
  9. Adelynn Eltrich: Stable
  10. Cindy Walton: Deceased - Ambushed by Husks while on a supply run.
  11. Maurice Jackson: Stable
  12. Spencer McCormick: Deceased - Ambushed by Husks while on a supply run.
  13. Janice Barrett: Stable
  14. Andrew Lawson: Stable
  15. Alex Rhodes: Stable
  16. Zephan Reeves: Stable
  17. Carolyn Walker: Stable
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