Investigation Entry 3:

Those bastards are being too careful now. I haven’t been able to isolate any of the imposters since my first interrogation, and I’m getting sick of their act. They still seem to think the attack came from someone outside the group though, which is good for me.

I’m starting to think that trying to isolate individuals is too inefficient. After all, every second I waste is a second my friends are suffering wherever these monstrous fucks took them. I need to start thinking bigger.

Maybe I can get them all at once. Yeah, that would be good. I could really make this quick if I can subdue them all at once. I need to be patient though. I just need to be patient a bit longer. I can’t save them if the imposters figure out I’m onto them. I need to keep up the charade. Just need to keep pretending a little longer.

I’ll find everyone soon, and these fucks will help me. I’ll make them suffer for what they did.

Things will go back to how they were after I find you all, and we’ll figure out how to escape this place together.

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