Apparently, the police found a really strange person in a town close to where I live. According to the news (and rumors I picked up at work), people were calling about strange sounds coming from one of those storm-drain pipes. I forget exactly what they said the sound was, but I doubt that’s super important. Anyways, the police found a really unstable man in the pipe. Something about him being found gnawing on his own fingers.

He apparently tried to attack the officers, and bit one on the arm pretty bad. I’m pretty sure the crazy guy got shot to death eventually, but I’m unclear on all the details.

Everyone was talking about it though, I guess the fact it happened so close to here really affected them.

In other more positive news, it looks like someone is finally moving into that house to the right of mine.

It’s really odd to not see the “for sale” sign in the yard anymore though, that’ll take some getting used to. I don’t know how long the house has been vacant, but I think I saw that sign when I first moved in. Maybe not, but it’s definitely been a while since anyone lived there.

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