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Topic: The Nest

The Nest:
The Nest is a large area located beneath the normal hallways. It seems to be one of the most expansive areas, and is also far more dangerous than the halls above it. It is the lair of the Glutton, a monster I have previously written about in another document. The area can be broken into 3 different locations with each having smaller subsections:

  • The Tunnels: The tunnels serve as both the main entrances and the major navigation paths to the different areas of the Nest. Beware of any noise made; the echoes carry here, and the tunnels are already lined with the bones and blood of people who weren't so careful.
Subsection Description
The Burrows Small tunnels dug through the walls of the Tunnels, often used by humans and monsters alike to avoid the rampage of the Glutton as it searches for its next meal.

  • The Warehouse: The largest single contained area of the Halls that we currently know of. The Warehouse represents the largest concentration of items and supplies anywhere in the Halls.
Subsection Description
Shelf Blocks Blocks of crate filled shelves that make up the majority of the Warehouse. The crates contain supplies and materials that might be useful if they can be obtained silently.
Crate Stacks Stacks of large crates found in scattered areas throughout the shelf blocks. These often contain a few rare resources, but again the danger comes from cracking open the crates themselves.
The Central Nest Located approximately at the center of the Warehouse, the Central Nest is the Glutton's den. Many things can be found here, with some being extremely useful. However, it is advised to avoid this area as the risk is often much higher than the reward.
The Inventory Room Exactly what is sounds like, the Inventory Room is where the locations of specific items can be found, however, there are limitations and risks attached. Only 1 item can be searched per day and, should that item not exist within the Warehouse, the user loses their search opportunity for the day. In addition, when an item is searched, the Warehouse staff will be alerted to the presence of a thief in the Warehouse. This means from that point until the individual leaves the Nest, the staff will be searching for them. Each time an individual uses the Inventory Room during a single trip to the Nest, the staff will become increasingly aggressive and alert. However, this does not carry over to unrelated individuals that might enter the Warehouse. All staff alerts for an individual will be reset to their base level once said individual leaves the Nest.
The Exchange The Exchange is one of the few areas in the Nest that can truly be called reasonably "safe", but it too has its downsides. If one should stumble across this area, they will be prompted to offer something to the staff for consideration. Once a submission is made, the individual should make a request, and then wait. The submitted item will be evaluated and appraised, and compared to the value of the requested item. If the item submitted is accepted, a staff member will leave Exchange. If this happens, the individual should wait for the staff member to return. If the submitted item is rejected, it will be returned to the individual who submitted it. Should a submission be rejected, it is within the individual's best interest to leave the Exchange as soon as possible. Note that items previously taken from the Warehouse at any time in the past are not viable options for an exchange (this does not apply to items or tools constructed from parts originating from the Warehouse). If such an item is offered, the individual who submitted it will be apprehended as a thief.

  • The Slaughterhouse (Corpse Pit): The workers here, known as Meatpackers, are not immediately hostile to visitors. During the night however, the Meatpackers retreat to the Workers Quarters and creatures known as Searchers will begin to patrol the area. These beings are hostile and will attempt to capture intruders they find. Both beings mentioned have been discussed in separate documents. The pit in the center of this area is full of corpses and strange fleshy growths with an unknown function. Visitors should also be wary of other entities that might come to feed.
Subsection Description
The Livestock Pens People taken by the Searchers or who interrupt the work of the Meatpackers will often be locked into these pens to await processing.
The Main Complex This is where the Pit is located, and includes the surrounding areas where treatment, storage, and processing occurs.
The Workers Quarters The entrance to the Workers Quarters are always located within the Main Complex. This is where all the workers go just before night begins every evening, and also where the Searchers emerge just after night begins.

Please take a moment to consider all the people that were lost to obtain this information.
We give thanks for their sacrifice, as it will allow us to save more lives in the future.

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