Archivist's Records:

Type: Entities

Topic: Warehouse Staff

Location: The Nest - Warehouse Subsection

Behavior: The Warehouse Staff, or simply the Staff for short, are nonaggressive entities unless the individual in question has met any of the requirements listed below. If the individual in question:
(1): Has an item on their person that had originally been taken from the Warehouse at any point in the past (this does not seem to apply to anything created using materials from the Warehouse of those that have been sufficiently altered).
(2): Interrupts the normal functions of members of the Staff. This includes breaking the crates or taking an item.
(3): Has searched for an item using the Inventory Room.
(4): Stays too long in the Exchange following a rejected exchange request.

Descriptions: The Staff are the entities that populate the Warehouse Subsection of the Nest. They are humanoid creatures with several noteworthy features:
General Traits: The Staff do not have blood, which explains their extremely pale color. In fact, they do not seem to have any sort of internal structure outside of bones, though it seems their heads are still vital points. Given this, it is unknown if these creatures can even be considered alive.
Uniforms: All members of the Staff wear clothing that appears to be a type of uniform. These uniforms come in different colors corresponding to the role of the Staff member wearing it with brown for shelf-stockers, navy blue for those at the exchange, and grey. However, the role of the grey uniformed Staff members are unknown at this time. They seem to wander the shelves, possibly checking inventory.
Head: The head of one of the Staff is mostly featureless except for a jawless mouth much like that of a lamprey. This mouth contains a long spear-like tongue that can be launched from the creature's mouth extremely quickly. If this tongue hits a person, it will inject a paralytic substance to quickly render the victim immobile. They will emit a clicking sound from their mouth that seems to be a form of echolocation.
Body: The torso is similar to that of a human, though the entire body is entirely hairless. They also lack primary or secondary sexual characteristics, making the question of how new Staff member are created a mystery.
Limbs: The limbs of the Warehouse Staff are their most distinctive trait. They are extremely long and thin, and fold back to a length similar to a normal human limb when not in use. The bones are shaped to accommodate this folding, though they still look thicker than normal limbs when folded back. The hands of one of these creatures have long fingers with 3 joints instead of the typical 2 seen in humans. Their limbs are used to reach the high shelves of the Warehouse and either place or take a crate. These limbs are deceptively strong, capable of crushing a man's arm with ease.

Recommended Approach:
If Passive: Act as usual, and do not get too close. If one approaches you, do not attack it. Even if it begins to "inspect" you, do not react negatively. The creature simply wants to identify what you are, and will move on once it knows. This might take a while, and it will touch you during the process. Though unnerving, this is not an aggressive act and should not be treated as such.
If Hostile: Give the Staff a wide berth, and avoid the clicking sound they make. If one has noticed you escape will be difficult, but not impossible. The general strategy for escape is to run in different directions, making numerous turns. Avoid running in a straight line, as the Staff can launch themselves in a straight line extremely quickly. If combat is unavoidable, aim for the head. Damage inflicted to the body and limbs of the Staff will not kill the creature; only sufficient damage to the head will be fatal. Rifles are recommended.

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