Archivist's Records:

Type: Entities

Topic: Husk Elders

General Information: As far as we can tell, these entities are Husks that have been around for far longer than any of their other brethren. We have already observed that Husks seem to change very slowly over time, becoming more and more twisted, but the Elders are far more powerful than any other known Husk variant. Each Elder is unique, though the reason for this is currently unknown.

General Behavior: All observed Elders have been extremely hostile, though each one has a different approach to attacking humans. More specific behaviors to each known Elder will be included in their individual documents.

Possible Limitations to Elder Development: Given the rarity of these entities, it can be assumed that something is limiting their development. Time does not seem to be the only factor here, as even with their long development period, there should still be dozens of these entities wandering around. I have several different ideas in mind for this limiting factor: (This is by no means a comprehensive list)
(1): Only certain individuals with some unknown trait, or perhaps some unique occurrence during the transformation into a Husk, can eventually develop into an Elder.
(2): At a certain age these entities become territorial and will begin to cannibalize or otherwise destroy Husks they might see as competition, with only the strongest survivor becoming an Elder. It it known that Husks will eat the corpses of humans they kill, and we have observed them cannibalizing the corpses of Husks we have killed. It is unlikely that a Husk can starve to death, however, it is likely that the development from a Husk to an Elder requires some kind of food source.
(3): The Halls may have a form of natural carrying capacity, where there is a limit to the possible number of Elders that can exist at one time. This limit might be caused by the territorial nature of most of the Elders we currently know of, causing conflict between Elders when too many exist and get too close. If carrying capacity is indeed the limiting factor for Elders, the specifics of this limitation are unknown at this time.
(4): Elders that survive multiple encounters with humans and other entities might begin to adapt to dangers they experienced in the past. For example, a Husk that was shot or damaged many times might develop armor or fast healing to prevent further injury (this theory is unlikely, but not impossible).
(5): The development of a Husk into an Elder is not a completely natural process. If this process requires the interference of an outside entity, it might explain how few Elders we have seen. If this is our limiting factor however, the question of what this other entity is or what its goal is must be considered (this theory has no solid evidence and is pure speculation).
(6): We already know that the Glutton occasionally devours Husks that fail to hide themselves during the night. It is possible that Pre-Elders are more likely to be caught and eaten by the Glutton due to their often increased size.

Recommended Approach: Avoid at all costs. While each Elder is unique and require different strategies to effectively avoid, each one should be avoided whenever possible. Specific combat or avoidance strategies will be included in each Elder's individual entity document.

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