Archivist's Log: (Y-9, D-156)

I’ve sent out scouts to search for a new location to settle down in. It’s been too long since we last moved and the VCW’s raids are becoming too difficult to cope with.

After last night’s raid the VCW will need a bit of time to regroup. We lost 1 wounded man in the attack and 2 of us received minor injuries. Thankfully our current position gave us some advantage, and we were able to avoid losses. Following the raid, we counted 9 dead votaries. Hopefully losing that many members will slow them down for a while, though I’m well aware that they have many more. It’s crucial that we move before they regroup, a raid during the move could be disastrous.

I’ve kept Zephan in the camp these past few days. He protested at first since he’s our best supply runner, but he is also our best fighter. I was able to convince him to stay in case any small VCW raids occur, or if Husks find us. All of us can fight, but I need him here at the camp in times like these.

His two friends (Alex Rhodes and Carolyn Walker) are also highly skilled. When we get to a more stable position, I’d like to see if I could create a rudimentary training program for them to train the others. Jaime already stepped into the role of teaching basic survival and combat, but our group would benefit from the more intense combat and survival training that I think those three could provide.

On another note, Brenda Ward, Cindy Walton, and Spencer McCormick’s bodies were wrapped and stored in one of the houses. We did the same for Anthony Scott, who died during the last raid. One of the votaries must have seen his condition and decided he wasn’t worth taking.

I would have preferred to cremate them, but we cannot risk the smell attracting Husks, and we cannot waste energy searching for fuel for their pyres.

I’ll miss those four. Brenda was with us the longest, but I got to know all of them during their time with us. I wish I could have done more for them.


  • Antibiotics
  • Food (preferably canned for ease of storage and transport)
  • Weapons and Ammunition of any kind
  • Continue looking into how and from where the VCW obtains so many members.

Member Status: (13: 3 wounded, 10 stable)

  1. Issac Matthews: Wounded - Laceration spanning the length of left forearm (RT 1-2 weeks).
  2. Tania Flores: Stable
  3. Thomas Pierce: Wounded - Fractured radius (RT 6-10 weeks).
  4. Katherine James: Stable
  5. Jack Groves: Stable - (Threads have not progressed significantly since last checked)
  6. Jamie Simmons: Stable
  7. Adelynn Eltrich: Stable
  8. Maurice Jackson: Stable
  9. Janice Barrett: Wounded - Sprained Ankle (unable to run) (RT 7 days).
  10. Andrew Lawson: Stable
  11. Alex Rhodes: Stable
  12. Zephan Reeves: Stable
  13. Carolyn Walker: Stable
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