It’s been a little over two weeks since I last wrote, but things have been extremely chaotic. The biggest thing that comes to mind is that someone might be following me.

It all started when the dream changed. The place in the dream has been getting older looking, but very slowly. It’s so slow that I actually didn’t notice the process, I only noticed when it got obvious. But something has begun following me in the dream. I started hearing footsteps behind me, not too close, but not far away either. They keep coming though, I can’t seem to lose whoever it is. That was about two weeks ago. I was going to write about it, but I was busy at work and never felt like writing when I came back.

But starting about one week ago I started hearing the footsteps during the day. They’re faint and maybe this sounds weird, but I recognize the rhythm of the footsteps.

Maybe I unconsciously noticed the footsteps two weeks ago, and the dream was my mind’s way of telling me? I know that sounds like a stretch, but I honestly have no idea what’s going on.

I’m a bit afraid to tell anyone about it; even I’m starting to think I’m going nuts. I’ll need proof if I’m going to get anyone to believe me, and that’s something else that’s scaring me.

I’m afraid that there is no proof to be found, and that I really am losing my mind.

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