Archivist's Records:

Type: Entities

Topic: Husk Elder

Name: The Brute

Behavior: The Brute is extremely hostile and will immediately attack any human it sees with mindless savagery and no regard for its own safety. It seems to rely completely on its massive strength to attack, showing almost nothing in terms of strategy. It also seems to have an extremely short temper, becoming enraged quickly when its target manages to evade it. Once enraged, the Brute is known to attack all things in its vicinity, including its fellow husks.

  • Note: If we are careful, it might be possible for us to use the Brute as a weapon to destroy the other Elders or at least large groups of normal Husks. We need to learn more before attempting this, but I have some hope that we might have found our first real weapon to use against these monsters.

Description: Among the known elders, the Brute is the strongest in terms of pure physical strength. It is also the largest and most durable, though its intelligence is known to be lacking. Its speed is also generally low compared to the other elders due to its armored carapace and and massive size (though it is capable of short bursts of speed).
General Traits: The Brute is estimated to stand over 3 meters in height, though exact measurements are impossible to obtain at this time. It has a bulky frame and and an inhuman shape. It should be noted that the Brute can be identified before it is actually seen. Its footsteps are slow and heavy, typically echoing through several halls when it is nearby. In addition its carapace makes quiet, but distinctive, clicking and grinding noises as it moves
Carapace: The entire body is encased within a solid carapace. Joints and movement points in the carapace were originally thought to be vulnerable, however, we have since discovered that these points are composed of smaller overlapping plates and are not viable weak points. Armor is thickest on the Brute's back, making all attempts to harm it from behind futile.
Head: This Elder's head is hairless and fully armored, much like the rest of its body. It has 6 eyes, 2 major ones and 4 smaller ones. The mouth is often sealed to prevent damage to the Brute's unarmored parts.
Limbs: It has long arms that it uses to propel itself forward, almost like a gorilla. However it does not walk on its knuckles, instead it walks on its palms. Its legs are not like those of a gorilla either, with both having 2 knees, one reversed, which the Brute uses to propel itself forward in quick bursts of speed.

Status with the VCW: The VCW seems to be aware of the the Brute's violent nature and tend to keep their distance, though they still appear extremely reverent. Although this is unproven, we have some evidence that the VCW is responsible for leading the Brute to areas in close proximity to small groups of survivors or loners. The intention of this is presumably to feed the Elder or perhaps to indulge its violent nature.

Recommended Approach: Avoid at all costs. Extensive preparations must be made to destroy this Elder. Even though it is overall the slowest, the Brute is capable of surprising bursts of speed and should not be underestimated. Due to its status with the VCW, there is also a high risk of their intervention to defend the Brute should it be harmed, further complicating the issue.

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