Archivist's Records:

Type: Entities

Topic: Husk Elder

Name: The Watcher

Behavior: The Watcher is more reserved than the other Elders, and tends to stalk its prey for quite some time before attacking. One interesting thing to note is that the Watcher seems to be mostly target specific, not indiscriminately targeting whoever is available. It is unknown how it selects its initial target, but we know it is possible for the target to switch over time if the original target is too well defended or too difficult to reach for a long enough time. When the target switches, the new target is usually someone troublesome to the Watcher, or someone who would make easy prey. It seems that the Watcher, like a natural predator, prefers to target the weak or injured to maximize its chances of making a kill and minimize its chance of injury. Its method of attacking each target seems to be different every time, and we believe that the extended time it spends observing the target is used to form unique approaches to best exploit their weaknesses or vulnerabilities.

  • Note: The Watcher seems to have a close connection to the Brute, occasionally having been observed calling out to bring the Brute to a location. The reasoning of this seems to be that the Brute will destroy all resistance, and the Watcher will be able to feed on the remains it leaves behind. In this way, the relationship between the Brute and the Watcher seems to be closer than those between any of the other Elders.

General Strike-Zones: Though the approach the Watcher takes is different for each victim, the general locations on the body it likes to target are relatively consistent. It will generally aim for locations that are most likely to incapacitate the victim with as few strikes as possible, using it's blade-like claws to sever major arteries/veins and tendons. It's most common known targets are (in order from most to least preferred): Throat (general), abdominal area (goal seems to be gutting the target), hamstrings or Achilles tendon, inside of the elbows or wrists.

Description: No accurate description of the Watcher has been made due to the unique camouflage that the Watcher employs, making it (for all intents and purposes) invisible. However, by using thermal imaging devices, we have been able to observe some vague characteristics of the creature.

  • Note: We attempted to use paints and dyes to get around the Watcher's camouflage, but it seems that these substances are unable to adhere to its skin and just slide off without leaving a mark.

Status with the VCW: The relationship between the Watcher and the VCW is mostly unknown at this time. However, they have shown reverence to it and have been observed offering it sacrifices. Despite knowing this, we do not know what specific role the Watcher has in their worship or beliefs.

Recommended Approach: Once targeted, it is possible to avoid the Watcher by staying barricaded within an enclosed area, making sure the Watcher cannot somehow slip in. If this is done correctly and for long enough, the Watcher will eventually switch its target. If staying in one place is impossible, then it is recommended to keep your back to walls and prepare to defend yourself if possible. The Watcher has been occasionally known to switch target if the initial target appears to be more dangerous than they are worth. While targeted, it is recommended you do not sleep without someone to keep watch, as the Watcher will use this as an opportunity to strike.

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